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Directorate for Cultural Heritage

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Cultural Heritage Management at County Level

The following agencies are responsible for the day-to-day management at this level:

Each county has a duty to employ officers who are responsible for cultural heritage conservation in connection with the administration of cultural affairs generally. The tasks of this agency are to advise the county administration on questions of cultural conservation and to ensure that protected monuments and sites and cultural environments are taken into account in the planning processes at the county and municipality levels.

The county officers prepare Protection Orders for The Directorate For Cultural Heritage and may also issue Provisional Protection Orders in order to evaluate whether a building or other monument which is threatened with demolition should be granted a Permanent Protection Order.

The Directorate for Cultural Heritage can supply the address of the appropriate county administration. See contact information

The Sámi Parliament has the same responsibility as the county administrations for all monuments and sites defined as Sámi and older than 100 years. Its area of responsibility covers six counties in North and middle Norway wholly or partially. The Sámi Parliament employs cultural heritage officers at four regional offices spread across these counties.

The Archaeological Museums in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø are licensed to carry out excavations and investigations of archaeological monuments and sites in their own areas.
NIKU (the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) is licensed to carry out similar tasks regarding medieval remains.

The Maritime Museums in Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen, as well as the Museum of Natural History, Archaeology and Social History in Trondheim and the Tromsø University Museum are responsible for underwater monuments.

Cultural Heritage Conservation on Svalbard is administered by the Norwegian Governor of Svalbard, in accordance with the cultural heritage regulations for Svalbard, under which all monuments and sites prior to 1946 are automatically protected.