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Directorate for Cultural Heritage

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The value of cultural heritage

The old warehouses in Sandviken in Bergen now house the Coastal Culture Centre and the Norwegian Museum of Fisheries. Photo: Lene Buskoven, Directorate for Cultural Heritage


New report: An economic analysis of cultural heritage and cultural environments.

The scope of this project, by Menon Economics,  is to highlight the economic value of cultural heritage and cultural environments, and to show examples of specific values of cultural heritage in Norway through the application of methods to measure willingness to pay and local economic impact analyzes.

Cost-benefit analysis are becoming increasingly important in policy making, but the value of the benefit of cultural heritage is often described qualitatively and hence not that easy to put forward along with the other arguments. It is therefore beneficial with a thorough analysis that identify the willingness to pay for cultural heritage and the economic impact of cultural heritage and cultural environments have on local economies in Norway.

It is also relevant to show that attributes of intangible goods such as cultural heritage can be measures in monetary terms.

Read the publication here.