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Hanna Geiran

Hanna Geiran (born 1969) was appointed as the Director of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage on 26 October 2018. She is a qualified architect and has been employed in companies that work with various construction tasks, including antiquarian refurbishment.

Bilde av riksantikvar Hanna Geirana
Riksantikvar Hanna Geiran Foto: Øyvind Aase Fluge, Riksantikvaren

Hanna Geiran has been employed at the Directorate for Cultural Heritage since 2005 and became section manager in 2012. She was appointed head of the Cultural Heritage Department in 2014. On 26 October 2018, she was appointed as Norway’s ninth Director General of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

Norway is a member on UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee until 2022. Hanna Geiran leads the work for Norway’s delegation on the Committee, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Directors of the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage

Hanna Geiran (2018–
Jørn Holme (2009– 2018)
Nils Marstein (1995–2009)
Øivind Lunde (1991–1995)
Stephan Tschudi-Madsen (1978– 1991)
Roar Hauglid (1958– 1978)
Arne Nygård-Nilssen (1946–1958)
Harry Fett (1913–1946)
Herman Major Schirmer (1912– 1913)

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